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System of water annulus hot pump runs water quantity moves reach its pertinent q
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Because its have systematic efficiency,heat up system of pump air conditioning in annulus of estate domain water at present tall (the photograph is colder than wind hot pump system) , investment odd job, facilitating independence the characteristic application such as plan cost is quite wide, also obtained certainly economic benefits. However this system also revealed a few problems in use process. If what how partial load condition falls to reduce water pump be to run power consumption?

Use partition to divide an independence to install water annulus to heat up pump aircrew more at present in the air conditioning system of real-estate project, when using each area (door) the temperature that needs to decide to stop time and place to need according to oneself. Cooling water system centers a setting. When collecting fees each area (door) respective ammeter parts plan cost, the charge of electricity of the water pump that installs centrally and cooling tower uses a share by each. Brought a problem to be in so transfer season and the power consumption that only a few user issues how to reduce water pump into the circumstance that live. About this we can think of naturally to let water pump use change water quantity moves. But the problem depends on convention system of the air conditioning central is refrigerant of water pump change the ultimate range that water estimates is decided by type of evaporator of cold water aircrew, it is the 70 % that evaporator of full fluid type is not less than rated water to measure commonly, dry type evaporator and evaporator of the bromic aircrew that change lithium are not less than the 50 % that rated water measures. But its partial load achieves 10 % likely system of hot to water annulus pump the following even, does if where,the economy that water system interconnected system maintains below so small negative charge move? What step should water system all take again in the design?

The first: Every the cooling water of aircrew of water annulus hot pump is entered article all install 2 valve, its switch and aircrew linkage, aircrew opens his, unit passes his to also be shut.

The 2nd: Of aircrew side water pump stop with linkage of 2 a powerful person, there should be only in the system 2 a powerful person are in water pump of side of open state unit to move with respect to investment.

The 3rd: Aircrew side water pump undertakes according to pressing difference for answering frequency conversion is controlled.

The 4th: Water pump should consider bear characteristic in systematic design process reasonable and tie-in size.

The 5th: Cooling tower (boiler) side water pump decides to stop according to systematic backwater temperature. (32 ℃ above or under 16 ℃ )

Afore-mentioned plan basically should solve two problems in executive process. The first it is a basis bear characteristic how water pump of side of reasonable configuration aircrew. The 2nd it is the system is used why to plant control means. In the light of this we parted at 2 o'clock accord is elaborated.
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