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Water pump does not give all sorts of case study of water
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There is air inside wirereinforced suction hose and pump housing

(1) before water pump is started not fill satisfies enough water, the water that looks fill sometimes already spilled over from air-bleed hole, but not rotational pump shaft makes air complete eduction, cause remain of a few air to be in wirereinforced suction hose or pump housing.

(2) with the level of the wirereinforced suction hose that water pump contacts direction of Duan Ni current applies 0.5% above drop gradient, the one aspect of the matter that join water pump imports is highest, do not want complete standard. If up cock, the meeting inside wirereinforced suction hose puts leave a blank to enrage, the vacuum in reducing conduit and water pump is spent, the influence is bibulous.

(3) the filling of water pump has worn away because of be being used for a long time or filling pressing must loosen too, cause many water in the clearance from filling and pump shaft axle sleeve ejective, its are external as a result the interior that air enters water pump from these clearance, affected carry water.

(4) because wirereinforced suction hose is long-term potential underwater, tube wall corrodes occurrence hole, the surface after water pump works drops ceaselessly, after these hole show water, air is entered from hole civilian wirereinforced suction hose.

(5) bent housing of wirereinforced suction hose handles occurrence dehiscent fruit, wirereinforced suction hose and water pump joint appear little space, make air enters wirereinforced suction hose likely.

Water pump rotate speed is too low

(1) factitious element. Because first wife electric machinery damages,have partial user, match on another electromotor to drive at will, the result created flow small, lift is low the consequence that does not sail upstream even.

(2) the mechanical failure of water pump itself. Nut of close solid of impeller and pump shaft loosens or pump shaft is out of shape bend, cause impeller to move more, grind with pump housing directly, or bearing attaint, reduce the rotate speed of water pump likely.

(3) dynamical plane maintenance is ineffective. Electromotor because winding burn down, and break magnetism, the change of method of means of v/LIT all over the ground number of the winding in maintenance, line, wiring, or the breakdown in maintenance did not eliminate an element to also can make water pump rotate speed is changed thoroughly.

Suck Cheng Taida

Some source of water are deeper, the periphery relief of some fountainhead is evener place, and oversight of water pump concessional suck Cheng, arose consequently bibulous little or suck the result that does not sail upstream at all. Wanting the vacuum that knows bibulous mouth place can build water pump to spend have limit, absolutely vacuum sucks Cheng to be 10 meters of water column about tall, and water pump builds absolutely vacuum impossibly. And vacuum is spent big, make the hydrosphere inside pump is changed easily, adverse to water pump job. So each centrifugal pump has his the biggest concessional suck Cheng, be in commonly 3 - 8.5 meters between. When installing water pump, must not pursue convenient and simple only.
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