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Characteristic of vavuum pump function and classification
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Use wait for a method mechanical, physics, chemically, physico-chemically to undertake bleed to container, with obtain and managing vacuum plant. Vavuum pump and other equipment (express like measuring instrument of a powerful person of vacuum container, vacuum, vacuum, join pipeline) compositive vacuum system, apply extensively at the branch such as electron, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, mechanical, medicine, spaceflight.

Press its job principle, basically divide carry pump and gas to catch collect pump for gas two sort.

Gas carries pump to include: 1, fluid annulus vavuum pump (water annulus vavuum pump) 2, reciprocating type vavuum pump 3, blade type vavuum pump 4, decide a type vavuum pump 5, vavuum pump of pilot valve type 6, more than cycloidal vavuum pump 7, vavuum pump doing type 8, Luo Ci vavuum pump 9, molecular vavuum pump 10

Gas catchs collect pump to include: Adsorption pump and cryopump.

The application in industry is at present most is vavuum pump of water annulus type and blade type vavuum pump.

Vavuum pump of W reciprocating type


It is to obtain thick vacuum one of main vacuum equipment. Apply extensively at chemical industry, food, the branch such as building materials, crystallize in vacuum especially, dry, filter, evaporate in waiting for process more appropriate.

Vavuum pump of 2X blade type (Model2XSlidingVaneRotaryVacuumPump)

With one of primary facility that will pump the gas that removes airtight recipient. It can be used alone, also can serve as booster pump, diffuse of pump, element pump before class pump is used. This model heat treatment of plated film of the vacuum smelt that pump applies extensively at the industry such as metallurgy, mechanical, electron, chemical industry, oil, medicine, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum is dry in waiting for process.

Vavuum pump of 2XZ blade type (Model2XZSlidingVaneRotaryVacuumPump)

Have a structure compact, volume is minor, weight is light, noise is low, vibration is little wait for an advantage. So, it is applied to make diffuse of pump before class pump, and more apply to accurate instrument form a complete set and lab to use. For example: Mass spectra instrument, freezer automation line, vacuum freeze-dry machine.

XD blade type vavuum pump


The job can leave in aleatoric entrance intensity of pressure, what apply generally already at food is vacuum-packed, the vacuum of plastic industry sucks model figuration. Presswork the paper of the industry is carried, vacuum clamping apparatus, and vacuum is attracted etc.

Vavuum pump of type of annulus of water of SZ, SK series


Basically use at thick vacuum. In the process with big rate of air sucked in required. It basically is used smoke do not have except air and other corrode, not dissolve at water, contain the gas of a few solid grain, so that be in airtight container,form vacuum. In what absorbing gas, allow to mix have a few liquids. It is applied extensively at mechanical, pharmacy, food, petro-chemical in waiting for an industry. Vavuum pump of type of annulus of water of dual class of series of 2SK, 2SK-P1
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