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Principle of screw pump job and characteristic
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Screw pump is pump of transport of type of a kind of odd screw, the screw that its main job component is prejudicial helicoid (weigh rotor) and inside the screw lining that the surface shows crewel helicoid (weigh stator) . Its job principle is to become when electromotor drives pump shaft to turn, screw circles the axes of itself to rotate on one hand, on the other hand it rolls along the surface inside lining again, form the room of annular seal space of pump then. Screw every turn a week, the liquid inside annular seal space pushs a pitch ahead, as the successive roll of screw, the liquid is gyroidal means is pressed to another annular seal space from an annular seal space, squeeze a pump housing finally. Screw pump is a kind of new-style transportation liquid is mechanical, have a structure on the safe side of simple, job, use maintenance is convenient, give fluid the advantage such as stability of successive and even, pressure.

One kind use screw rotate to suck a liquid pump, it is the most comfortable discharge sticky stiff liquid at sucking.

The main job of 1. screw pump principle

Screw pump is to use the circumgyrate of screw to absorb a liquid. Graph the 1 cutaway view that expresses 3 screw pump. In the graph, intermediate screw is active screw, drive circumgyrate by prime mover, the screw of both sides is driven screw, make along with active screw rotate reversely. Advocate, the whorl of driven screw all is double head whorl.

Of the mutual clench the teeth as a result of each screw and screw and line canister wall cooperate cheek by jowl, between the air suction opening of pump and platoon exit, can be become by space one or more sealed space. As the roll of screw and clench the teeth, these sealed spaces are formed ceaselessly in the inspiratory end of pump, inspiratory room medium liquid is sealed among them, and from axial of screw of inspiratory room edge continuously elapse is carried to eduction, will close the liquid in each space is ceaseless eduction, still be like one nut when whorl circumgyrate by the case that presses ahead ceaselessly in that way, this is the main job principle of screw pump.

The sealing surface between screw and housing is an airspace curved surface. Sealed area is not in what there is and so on of such as Ab or De on this curved surface, and form the breach Abc of a lot of triangles, Def with the groove part of screw. The breach of these triangles forms liquid channel, make photograph of the groove B on A of active screw groove and driven screw, C connects. And groove B, C circles face of support or oppose along his spiral again, part and photograph of rear groove D, E connects. Because in groovy D, E and groovy F(it belongs to another spiral) on the sealing surface that joins, the triangular breach A that also existing to be similar to the front ' B ' C ' , so D, F, E also will be interlinked. Such, groove ABCDEA also comprises " ∞ " the sealed space of form (if use only head whorl, criterion groove will arrange screw of axial Pan Rao, be well versed in of mouth suction a platoon, cannot form sealed) . Imagine not hard, on such screw, will form those who promise a many independence " ∞ " form sealed space, the axial length that place of each sealed space has is equal to the lead T of tired lever fitly. Accordingly, to make screw can be sucked, space of the mouth that discharge oil leaves come, the whorl of screw paragraph length should be more than a lead at least.
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