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The characteristic reachs the function of centrifugal pump and sumbersible pump
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Sumbersible pump can put underwater, centrifugal pump puts the floor, that dimension should be their connective provides way.

1. sumbersible pump

The water treatment tool with a kind of very extensive use. What differ with common pump is its job in underwater, and pump works to go up in the ground mostly.

The job of sumbersible pump principle

Before opening pump, the liquid must is full of inside inspiratory canal and pump. After opening pump, impeller high speed rotates, among them liquid rotates together as blade, below the action of centrifugal force, fly to be shot outwards from impeller, the liquid that shoots slows gradually in the speed inside pump case diffuser casing, pressure increases gradually, export from pump next, eduction canal is poured out of. Right now, be swung to as a result of the liquid in blade center part all round and form do not have liquid vacuum meiobar again without air already, the liquid in fluid pool falls in the action of pool face atmosphere, flow into pump via inspiratory canal inside, the liquid is so continuous be come up to be poured out of continuously from eduction canal again by pump from inside fluid pool.

Sumbersible pump basic parameter

Include power of discharge, lift, revolution speed, form a complete set, rated electric current, efficiency, valve diameter is waited a moment

Sumbersible pump main use and suitable scope

Include boiler circulation of irrigation and drainage of agriculture of construction construction platoon, water, industry, urban and rural dweller to cite water is supplied, even rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief wait a moment

2. centrifugal pump

Say what is centrifugal first.

Centrifugal it is the expression with inertial object actually. For instance the water on umbrella, when umbrella is slow and rotational, water can follow umbrella is rotational, because the attrition force of umbrella and water makes as the centripetal force that gives water,this is like that. But if umbrella roll is accelerated, this attrition force can't make water is making circular motion, so water will break away from umbrella outward predestined relationship moves. Just like pulling block to make circular motion with a cord, if rate is too rapid, cord will disconnect, block will fly off. This is so called centrifugal.

Centrifugal pump is designed according to this principle. The impeller blades that high speed rotates drives water roll, throw water piece, achieve feeding goal thereby.

Centrifugal pump has a lot of kinds. From use it is OK to go up cent is civil with industrial pump, from it is OK to carry medium to go up cent is water pump, impurity pump, anti-corrosive pump.

The basic construction of centrifugal pump is comprised by six parts, it is respectively: Impeller, pump housing, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, filling cases. 1, the core part that impeller is centrifugal pump, muscularity of tower above of its rotate speed, the lamina on impeller has main effect again, impeller should be passed before assemble static balancing experiment. The requirement of surface of inside and outside on impeller is smooth, in order to reduce the attrition loss of current.
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