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Coagulate case study of invalidation of worm wheel of fluid pump turbine and imp
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Ethylene plant compresses systematic E-GT501 turbine is to coagulate fluid pump (date: E-GA501A) drive machine, it is responsible turbine of propylene refrigeration compressor (date: E-GBT501) condensate is seasonable eduction, with assuring aircrew move normally, in June 1998 invalidation of E-GT501 turbine worm wheel, although via maintaining the effect for many times very not ideal, the service life of new worm gear is very brief, the longest do not exceed 20 hours, bring about turbine to cannot work normally, make of drive of another electric machinery coagulate fluid pump (date: E-GA501B) be in all the time did not reserve only station moves below the condition of pump, if E-GA501B pump malfunctions suddenly, inevitable meeting causes propylene to compress aircrew to jockey, cause huge menace to the stable production of whole ethylene plant. We are analysed and found the prime cause of invalidation of turbine worm wheel, pledge through changing worm wheel capable person, solved a problem successfully.

Case study

Worm wheel first invalidation case study

In June 1998 after invalidation of worm wheel first time, we discover in the examination to turbine: Turbine lube contains more free water in box. Because the drive of worm wheel worm relies on the clench the teeth of tooth flank to come true, its attrition surface must be built extremely press lubricating film, it is lube is medium extremely the lubricating film that presses agent and metallic surface reaction to generate, it has higher strength, can bear the load that clench the teeth of worm wheel worm produces. Lube belt water can be caused extremely press an agent to miss work, make surface of clench the teeth cannot form lubricating film, bring about surface of worm wheel worm to be contacted directly, cause the surface to wear away. Because worm wheel material is stannic bronze character (code name ZQSn10-1) , its are allowable osculatory stress is 220MN/m2, and worm material is alloy steel character (steel grade: 35CrMo) , its are allowable osculatory stress is 850MN/m2, worm wheel is opposite worm is softer, so the formal expression of invalidation wears away for worm wheel teeth of a cogwheel.
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