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The maintenance of metric pump and breakdown are solved
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How to change of metric pump diaphragmatic?

1.Get off 4 screw of fixed pump head. Screw position is in the reverse side of metric pump.

2.After pump head becomes loose, get off before pump head, adjust stroke length arrives 0% positions. Can make sure electromagnetism axis has enough pressure, maintain its link is firm, such OK screw off is diaphragmatic.

3.Pull fluid end to make outwards screw from insert break away from inside aperture. Capture hour hand of liquid Duan Ni to rotate. Have some of resistance a bit, can screw off is diaphragmatic.

4.Once diaphragmatic be gotten off, the safety that checks metric pump is diaphragmatic, ensure its are in good condition, without any attaint. Setup is new diaphragmatic, suitable hour hand rotates backboard and diaphragmatic until stick close. Adjust backboard, make aperture of leakage fluid eduction is located in pump most end end.

5.End in diaphragmatic installation, and park of aperture of eduction of backboard leakage fluid is perpendicular after the position, install pump head. Ensure a powerful person suction fluid and aperture of leakage fluid eduction are right neat, the screw of fluid end and 4 corresponding Kong Duiqi.

6.Rotate stroke length 100% positions. Can make component of a complete set of rotates to leak to backboard so of fluid eduction aperture and pump most end end is right neat. Adjust in pump moving process fluid end and diaphragmatic to proper place.

7.When mix up of position of backboard of fluid end along with later, 4 bolt screw with diagonally means, until appropriate till. Force of the application when completing this work is even.

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I got package of a spare parts, in get off old diaphragmatic when encountered a trouble. Whether how to tear open below old diaphragmatic offer a few additional proposals?

Through loosening screw of 4 pump head, mobile fluid end. Rotate stroke length arrives 0% hold fluid end, slip from screw aperture next piece, so screw is not contacted with them, but still controlling backboard and diaphragmatic. Next anticlockwise rotate this component, have some of resistance a bit, diaphragmatic meeting becomes loose from electromagnetism axis come down. If diaphragmatic had not become loose, in diaphragmatic with the contact of electromagnetism axis the surface uses some of lubricating oil. Place in a few minutes, with one plastic little weight is beaten gently diaphragmatic. Undertaking again according to above description next.

Should use attract kind oneself metric when crossing oxidation hydrogen, the generation inside the system enrages acupuncture point. How to solve this problem?

Metric pump installation discharges pump head oneself, use absorb fluid from fill type. Hold pipette line as far as possible short.
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