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Just should choose a few element of metric pump
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Choose metric pump appropriately what to information need?

1, by metric liquid discharge.

2, by metric liquid major attribute, for example caustic, viscosity mixes chemistry specific gravity.

3, systematic back pressure.

4, appropriate suction raises height.

5, the other option of need, if imitate measures control, pulse,measure surveillance of control, discharge and timer.

Does metric pump have electromagnetism drive what main advantage?

Metric pump has electromagnetism drive only component of a motion, armature axis. Will tell normally, job of less metric pump exceeds athletic part reliable. Metric pump special agree with yard of low flow, low-pressure force closes, and fluctuate in power supply voltage compensate action goodly from time to tome.

Compare with the fixed frequency, metric pump that changes stroke length, what advantage does the fixed stroke length, metric pump that changes frequency have?

Pass corrective, of each stroke cast increasing an amount is foregone. Because this is cast always,add a quantity to be able to reach through computation (cast the = that increase an amount every stroke casts frequency of the * that increase an amount) . Cast always sum quantity and frequency thread sexual relationship (% of = 50 of 50 % frequency is cast increase an amount) . Pass external pulse or imitate capacity control, cast add a quantity to be able to be in one second in from most canzonet arrives the biggest. Additionally length adjustment cost wants its stroke than electric machinery drive many low.

How to use the performance diagram of metric pump?
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