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Head of metric pump pump chooses plan
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Whether give out a few proposals that choose a side about head of metric pump pump? In involve chemical to be opposite pump head / corrode a respect sealedly, connect regular meeting what to problem appears, how should avoid?

In involve head of metric pump pump, normally the problem is a metric now acid, chloric, fluoride and the case that pass oxidation hydrogen when. Differ with what operate temperature as a result of chroma of medicines and chemical reagents, decide material of specific pump head is qualitative very hard. When metric fluoride, we are recommended choose Viton®Sealed PVC pump head. Add chloric application to great majority, had better choose the NP(organic glass with sealed EPDM) pump head. Oxidize to passing of hydrogenous mixture metric can choose the PTFE pump head with sealed PTFE or head of stainless steel pump only. Of thick hydrochloric acid metric choose the head of organic glass pump with sealed Viton® normally. Thick vitriolic metric and OK the PTFE pump head with choice sealed PTFE. The production chamber of commerce of chemical gives out to suggest relevantly, perhaps consult ProMinent®Chemical and anticorrosive chart will decide chemical and the consistence that contact material to pledge.

In pump head when metric liquid, what influencing factor must consider?

The element of main consideration has steam pressure of liquid viscosity, proportion, evaporate and temperature.

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