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The main job principle of metric pump
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Well-known, metric pump basically is carried by dynamical drive, fluid and adjust control 3 parts to comprise. System of staff of couplet of machinery of by of dynamical actuating device drives a fluid to carry diaphragmatic implementation reciprocate:

Diaphragmatic (piston) be carried at the before half week general of stroke the fluid is inspiratory and at second half head of pump of eduction of week general fluid; So, the stroke length of the reciprocate frequency that changes stroke or every time reciprocate can amount to the end that carries an amount to body of tone reduce expenditure. Accurate treatment precision assured every time pump gives a quantity to come true to be carried then the nicety of medium is metric.

What because of its dynamical drive and fluid carry kind is different, metric pump can differentiate roughly force plunger type and diaphragmatic type two big sort.

1, force plunger type metric pump

Basically have common pump having a powerful person and the pump that do not have a powerful person two kinds. Force plunger type is metric pump is mixed simply because of its structure high temperature resistant high pressure wait for an advantage and be applied extensively at petro-chemical domain. The inadequacy of pump of common force plunger falls in high-pressured force operating mode in the light of tall viscosity medium, one kind does not have type of a place of strategic importance of rotary column of a powerful person coming back metric pump gets more and more take seriously, what be applied extensively at the tall viscosity medium such as syrup, chocolate and oil additive is metric add. Because be mixed by metric medium,cannot come true to keep apart defect of sex of this one structure completely between the lubricant inside pump, metric pump is in force plunger type to prevent pollution high to ask in metric applying, the fluid gets a lot of limitation.
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