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The applicable circumstance of pneumatic membrane pump reachs working principle
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Pneumatic membrane pump is a kind of new-style conveyer fetterses, it is a kind of home's at present most original pump kind. Use compress air to be dynamical source, to all sorts of caustic liquids, take the liquid of grain, volatilize tall viscosity, easily, combustible, virulent liquid, all can give smoke light to be sucked.

Its have pneumatic membrane pump 4 kinds of material are qualitative: Plastic, aluminium alloy, cast-iron, stainless steel. Membrane pump uses Ding Qing respectively according to different liquid medium balata of balata, chloroprene rubber, fluorine, get together 4 fluorine ethylene, get together 46 ethylene. In order to satisfy the need of different user. Find a place for in all sorts of special situations, with will smoke send kind of groovy pump cannot the medium of pump, all obtained satisfactory result.

One, comfortable use of pneumatic membrane pump closes

Because pneumatic membrane pump has above characteristic, go up in the world so membrane pump since the market that other pump is invading stage by stage since be born, own among them one share. Be like: The membrane pump in spray paint, ceramics already had absolutely dominant place, and in other a few industries, the market share that it is enlarging in processing, building, blowdown, careful like environmental protection, liquid waste chemical industry, have the place that other pump cannot replace. The advantage of pneumatic membrane pump depends on:

1, because use air to make motive force, so discharge follows back pressure (exit obstruction) change and self-correcting, suit to use the fluid of Yu Zhonggao viscosity. And the working place of centrifugal pump is good for fiducial set with water, if be used at the fluid with tallish viscosity, need machine of decelerate of form a complete set or frequency control implement, cost greatly rose, to gear pump also be likewise such.
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