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Metric pump fittings is basic knowledge
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How to know what other option metric to every pump has?

To every metric pump and its identification code, in ProMinent®Detailed explanation gave out in catalogue item. Through inquiring identification code, can choose corresponding option to specific metric pump.

The basiccest accessoryBagDraw together what?

Include in accessory bag: Heart valve, inject a powerful person, 2 meters of pipette discharge fluid cop with 5 meters.

What part does a head of whole metric pump pump include?

A complete fluid end includes the following part: Pump head, diaphragmatic, a powerful person, backboard and installation bolt.

What is the main use of heart valve?

Heart valve itself has particular weight to be able to maintain pipette line unbend and make pipette line perpendicular at chemical explosive barrel. Additionally it also is one is gone against stop a powerful person, maintain chemical medicine fluid to flow. Heart valve still conduces to those who improve pump repeating precision and absorb fluid normally. There is mesh to be able to prevent solid grain inside heart valve by inspiratory pipette line, little solid grain is inspiratory may bring about metric pump diaphragmatic damaged. Heart valve still includes join, use join pipette. Heart valve ought to perpendicular installation, and hold bottom a powerful person leave store explosive barrel bottom is apart from certainly. Choice of a powerful person end the metric pump that relies on to suck means to work oneself to great majority is very necessary.

What is the main use of inject a powerful person?

Inject a powerful person is applied at discharging fluid cop and the join that inject nods. Inject a powerful person cannot use as segregation equipment perhaps uses as the protection that prevents siphon. Asking is not too tall circumstance in, inject a powerful person can generate the back pressure of 0.5bar.

What is the main use that flushs device?

Rinse equipment to be used clean head of metric pump pump and platoon fluid cop. Basically apply at metric chemical easily caky below the situation that metric perhaps pump needs to often be in unused condition.

What is carburettor float switch, what is its main effect?

Carburettor float switch is control store explosive barrel fluid very crucial equipment. When fluid when reducing, carburettor float sinks, open inside Shanghaiguan contact to close, this contact can be used at controlling metric pump, stop metric pump for example 1 start metric pump 2, also can use at putting through to call the police / indicator light is indicated store explosive barrel is empty. Pass the retrorse act of carburettor float, carburettor float switch can apply at collecting coal tub, the directive collects coal tub to already stopped metric pump at the same time completely.
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