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Market of pump of our country chemical industry is in near future emerge in larg
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The chemical pump market that sees our country is current not hard and international market still have certain difference, but near future pump kind emerge in large numbers gives many new breed:

Personnel of design of finite liability company passes valve of pump of river of mayor of Heibei berth head repeatedly experimental summary improves a product, develop a success eventually of industry of heat preservation pump high temperature resistant product, the transportation that the pump of gear of BW series heat preservation that this company newest development produces can satisfy 400 degrees of less than completely circumstance, fill the blank of the product of a high temperature of industry of pump of gear heat preservation.

The 800S-24G that design of limited company proper motion develops pump of report of Anhui Lai favour in open pump to carry a state smoothly the function of limited company of power of the hill austral Shenzhen of large power plant checks, reach national level level. The line of action that this pump makes for industry of the pump inside the Anhui province at present is the largest of norms in open pump.

Pump of report of the 4th acting dive, DA, DAS two old series are new-style come back pump of blowdown of dive drifting type, in line of business of Jiangsu Asia-Pacific pump limited company developed a success a few days ago. This pump makes electric machinery and pump body an organic whole, volume is minor, the structure is compact, installation is quick, the operation is agile, maintenance is convenient, can simplify pumping station construction work, total cost of project of managing pumping station 40 % of 30 % ~ . Proper motion designed this company to come back distinctly structure of impeller drifting type, make the broad space inside pump housing is formed " eddy current " , facilitate will enter the big grain inside pump housing sundry and successful eduction, decreased to twine the possibility that jam significantly, make work efficiency raises 30 % above. On this foundation, they use machine of the world's advanced double end panel again sealed new technology, make blowdown pump produces leakage no longer. This pump is mixed by control plate in underwater float switch automata, need not deploy control system additionally, can implement water level automation; Can move automatically alone not only, and can shunt-wound switch moves; Installed in-house and automatic protector, circumstance of photograph or short circuit, soggy, overheating is short of to fall in overload, circuit, can quit the job automatically, ensure moving safety.

In light of future, pump of domestic chemical industry has an advantage very much on company price, have an advantage more on the price of fittings of machine parts or tools kept in reserve and seasonable sex particularly, qualitative price chooses to introduce the main basis of homebred still equipment than becoming an user. The price of equipment of pump of common country machine has the 50 % of congener entrance equipment only, and the price difference of fittings of machine parts or tools kept in reserve is bigger.
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