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The working principle graphic representation of pneumatic membrane pump
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Pneumatic membrane pump is a kind pneumatic sucking pump oneself to displacement, before the pump of right moves explanation graph to show pump was not being sucked oneself the first time the pattern of going from place to place that pump uses.

Principle of job of pneumatic membrane pump pursues one

Graph 1: A powerful person of air by gas compresses the reverse side that enters diaphragm A, by room of diaphragm extruding fluid. This kind of means with air drive can relieve the mechanical stress of general piston drive, prolong the life of diaphragm significantly thereby. In compress air to push diaphragm A when leaving centrosome, the diaphragm B of another end is pulled by concatenate central axle at the same time to centrosome, right now, the air of diaphragm B the reverse side discharges pump housing by exit outside. Make B room forms vacuum state so, can lean consequently outside the action of atmosphere force raises the fluid the canal to turn ball of a powerful person by the entrance make shed physical ability to till,enter B room freely from valve base cram.

Principle of job of pneumatic membrane pump pursues 2

Graph 2: When the diaphragm A that should suffer air to squash reachs its displacement limit, air valve can lead air the reverse side to diaphragm B, form extruding force likewise and make its are pushed from centrosome, centrosome pullbacks concatenate diaphragm A in the meantime, the hydraulic pressure that right now the drive place of diaphragm B generates turns ball of entrance a powerful person a valve base, export at the same time ball of a powerful person is promoted make flow from valve base physical ability is squashed and from exit outside eduction pump housing. Diaphragm A is pullbacked centrosome this movement makes A room forms vacuum state, can rely on atmosphere strength effect to raise the fluid the canal to turn ball of a powerful person by the entrance consequently till,enter A room cram.

Principle of job of pneumatic membrane pump pursues 3

Graph 3: When the motion when diaphragm is finished, air valve guides air to come again the reverse side of diaphragm A, at the same time diaphragm B does air to discharge a movement. In pump the reply arrives when the former position that start, two diaphragm inside pump completed the process that an air is discharged or the fluid discharges severally. This formed pump of a loop to send a process. According to use state, pump sucks condition oneself through counting complete loop to pump sends a movement and make pump is achieved.
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