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Can export pump of all sorts of viscosity medium rotor and variable drive techno
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Although the job of research and development of chemical pump has had history of more than 100 years, but a few special application situations also are having special demand to chemical pump. For example, often the user is carried particularly particularly ropily, rarely perhaps to upright to inscribe the drive component problem of the output power that seeks advice from pump of concerned chemical industry and chemical pump questioningly. The article will introduce to the reader: How do two companies of German north resolve these questions that the user raises jointly.

Rotor pump, this kind can carry the chemical pump of all sorts of medium, should decrease as far as possible not only wear away, still ask to make precision. Its drive system is due first-rate trends performance: The rotate speed of electric machinery should be inside wider rotate speed range constant rotate, accurate drive rotor pump works. Make sure the discharge with all sorts of stability outputs medium external. It is especially when medium of output tall viscosity, the drive system of rotor pump can output strong driving moment below low rotate speed. On the other hand, ask rotor pump is when the medium with particularly rare output again, when outputting rare medium without pulsatile ground in the requirement especially, the drive system of rotor pump should output viscosity to differ the medium that is 200mPas. This is a very high demand to the drive system of rotor pump: The drive system of rotor pump should drop in viscosity of medium be feedinged, when the quantity that answer discharge increases, run with higher rotate speed, make sure those who output discharge is constant.
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