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The experimental research of field flows inside pump of deep well pump
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Flow inside research pump mix photograph shedding to flow especially it is the key that improves performance of deep well pump. What reach ultrasonic technology as PIV technology, LDV technology is mature with each passing day, people can have used these to shed a test technology advancedly to shed what high accuracy undertakes below the circumstance of field to measure in noninterference. In Canada already somebody uses these advanced techniques to study deep well pump flows, oil university (Beijing) marine and mechanical lab is become in the light of particle of PIV(of this problem application resemble measuring fast technology) undertook experimenting study, its are main content is to determine the distributinging rule of field flows inside the pump when different discharge, comparative and single-phase reach the similarities and differences of field flows inside the deep well pump when mixing photograph shedding.

1 particle is become resemble measuring fast reach image to handle a technology

Particle is become resemble measuring fast (the fundamental ① of PIV) technology is to use the particle that is scattered in the fluid to be opposite action of scattering of light, the particle below the methodological record that uses optics is in in different hour shed a medium position, get the displacement of particle thereby, those who be based on particle convection field follow quality, measure a particle place to shed the speed of body and instantaneous motion parameter locally.

Use PIV technology, the numerous particle circumstance in convection field can pass exposure record for many times to be on same picture by time order, also can pass record of high speed cinematograph to be on different figure. Use concerned physics and mechanical hypothesis and law, and the mathematical model with corresponding basis, the parameter that can reach through a series of number operation report spreads a character (the) such as particle displacement, speed. Normally, PIV system basically records storage system and composition of PIV processing system by image of lighting system, PIV.
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