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Much interblend of oil gas of odd screw pump is defeated reach flow to analyse
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In oil exploitation, there often are the natural gas of certain amount, water and solid grain in wildcat production. Reduce wellhead to answer to come true pressure, raise crude oil yield, raise development benefit and achieve oil gas airtight carry an end, must be defeated by pump to mix medium pressure boost to carry to the heterogeneous such as oil gas to using oil gas heterogeneous to mix. Odd screw pump can carry medium of heterogeneous of the solid that enrage fluid, can carry pure gas medium inside short time, realize much interblend to be defeated. In mix in be defeated by a system to design, sufficient analysis is mixed be defeated by medium and odd screw to mix the characteristic that is defeated by pump, ensure the system is safe, reliable, scientific.

Oil gas of odd screw type mixes principle of job is defeated by pump and characteristic

Job of odd screw pump is the rotor that is the same as certain exterior face inside correspondence model the clench the teeth inside the stator of the face, form special osculatory line, make stator antrum space, this contact wire says sealed line. When rotor turns by certain contrail, its are sealed the line makes axial shift, also make stator allows antrum to make axial shift, namely cubage displacement, at this moment sealed line disappears in one aspect of the matter, produce new sealed line from another end again, push medium to another end from one aspect of the matter subsequently.

Oil gas of odd screw type mixes the stator with the balata qualitative capable person that loses pump to have good flexibility because of collecting appliance, it and need of rotor clench the teeth have certain interference, make its produce reliable sealing. When pump works sealed line can prevent gas effectively to pass, achieve the goal that transports gas thereby; Solid grain should be contained in medium, if solid grain is squeezed when sealed line is medium, because the surface of balata of stretch action stator of balata stator is compressed, solid grain crosses sealed line, stator balata spring back restores original figure, such, odd screw pump can achieve the goal that minim solid grain contains in carrying medium.

Oil gas of odd screw type is mixed be defeated by pump to suit to be used at the caustic medium, medium that contain gas, contain medium of silt solid grain and tall viscosity medium carry. Contain tolerance to be able to be amounted to 95% , medium viscosity can amount to 50000mPa · S, the quantity that contain solid can be amounted to 60% , allow ≤ of solid grain diameter 3.5~32mm, discharge and rotate speed become direct ratio, in low rotate speed low flow issues the stability that can maintain pressure, have good adjustment function, facilitating implementation automation is controlled.

Much interblend of oil gas of odd screw pump is defeated reach flow to analyse
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