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Discharge of aircrew of pump of wind cold heat controls a technology
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Door aircrew of pump of type wind cold heat is a kind of housekeeping money that gets high-grade apartment and villatic user are approbated extensively form of central air conditioning, it is by the condenser with cold wind, compressor and water-cooling intermediary the component such as heat exchanger is comprised. Water-cooling intermediary heat exchanger is will cold intermediary and water heat exchange, produce refrigerant water or hot water thereby, furnish refrigerant water or hot water with water pump next fan coil, the fan inside repass fan coil boasts the cold quantity of the refrigerant water inside coil or hot water or quantity of heat the room inside, satisfy the requirement that the room drops in temperature or warms up. The energy of this system diverts water by cold intermediary (carry cryogen) , divert energy indoor air by water next. The photograph is cold to changing the some in its pipeline system manages intermediary system existence a few slack or discharge allocation has a bit not all, all won't affect unit move, but the set of discharge of cold to changing intermediary is different, when the system medium some is in leak of existence cold intermediary, cold intermediary to allocate not all, pipeline jams, answer oil not the pipeline problem such as free, whole system will break down.

As a result of door aircrew of pump of type wind cold heat is large the result of miniaturization of central air conditioning, but complete according to large the design installation method of central air conditioning is improper, and the end that must use considering its group it is domestic user, greatly impossibly person specially assigned for a task undertakes administrative, because this is in,the design of cold water aircrew must carry out the design guiding ideology that maintenance-free He Shaowei protects in the process. Current the sale of central air conditioning mixes a type installation sells transfer of family expenses sky to come over before mostly, as a result of door in the center of type the installation of air conditioning and family expenses air conditioning and large and medium-sized central air conditioning differs completely, a lot of installation business lack experience, also do not have overmuch experience to cannot install an unit to undertake grooming very well to the sale on installation plus manufacturer itself, a lot of problems often appear after cold water aircrew has been installed, among them most serious is heat exchanger freezes bad, whole set discards as useless the likelihood, and be faced with by the risk of claim for compensation. The mainest reason that freezes bad to water heat exchanger is to pass the discharge of heat exchanger to did not reach unit the least flow that reliable job asks. Those who ensure heat exchanger gets appropriate discharge is cold water aircrew works reliably is necessary assure, the discharge of impropriety may bring about evaporator of cold water aircrew to freeze (serious when the likelihood freezes bad) , condensing pressure tall, compressor " bite a crock " wait for breakdown. Once produce afore-mentioned breakdown, the quality of the brand is beautiful praise degree will get very big impact. The discharge control because of aircrew of this type cold water and protection are very important, appropriate current detects method and detect the component can assure aircrew to be more than the job below permission the smallest discharge in systematic discharge only, can avoid air conditioning lead plane to malfunction greatly.
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