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VE allocate pump of type fuel injection to block dead case study
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The force plunger of VE pump, there is the action that press oil again already when the job assign function, rotate speed coming back is spent for 1000-2000r/minm, every turn circuit pump oily 4-6 second, its cooperate clearance only 3nm, have a bit inadvertent, extremely easy card is dead.

Blocking dead position is normally in two place. It is card is dead between force plunger and sleeve. Force plunger is right now probable by twist off, after engine goes out, also cannot start again, be the same as from gush of oil pump head without oil, cheer the door to also do not have reaction. 2 it is force plunger and discharge oil card is dead between annulus. When annulus works, discharge oil slides in force plunger surface only, not rotational, once get stuck dead, annulus and force plunger synchronism rotate, and the ball head on timing lever assembly does not make annulus rotational again, accordingly, below effect of powerful circumgyrate moment of force, ball head is squeezed to fall, lever assembly by forcibly contortion. In the instant that gets stuck dead, the fixed position on protruding turntable is sold have the possibility that is cut off.

1, fuel is calorie of dead main reason filthily

(1) in oil hydrous or caustic liquid, join derv of benzine, low character to wait by accident, bring about rustily, destroy lube film, cause card to die.

(2) filter invalidation, tiny horniness grain is entered card is brought about to die inside pump.

(3) long-term movement does not safeguard oil pump, as a result of pump installation is in engine flank, often be in high temperature condition, splitting decomposition of compound of the hydrocarbon in fuel becomes tiny charcoal bead, adherent go up in wall of each spare parts, as time passes, accumulate little grain gradually, this is tiny once grain enters high speed in accurate kinematic pair of movement, also be to cause one of calorie of dead causes.
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