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[Supply] high pressure is dynamoelectric pump
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Product name: Supply high pressure model of norms of electric pump   :
Product ability is qualitative: Diaphragmatic material is qualitative:
The largest flow: The greatest pressure:
Passageway diameter: Electric machinery power:
Contain duty value: Amount:
Date of delivery: Release time:

Unit: Limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of family of heart city grand connects a telephone call: 0534-2356793

Contact: Zhang Wen division faxes: 0534-2356793
The product explains: & actuating pressure: High-pressured pressure: Low-pressure pressure of   of   of 0-80MPa: 0-12MPa discharge: High-pressured discharge: Low-pressure discharge of 0.8L-1.61-2.0L/min: Power of 4L/min-20L/min electric machinery: Capacity of 1.5KW-15KW gasoline tank: 25L-200L exterior dimension (long X wide X is tall) 384x280x620 (can ask to produce a product by the client) DSS series is dynamoelectric pumping station is the plant of hydraulic pressure power that controls the composition such as reversal valve of a powerful person of oil pump, control, electric machinery, appearance, gasoline tank by on any account. This pump can realize tall low-pressure pump to output larger flow for oil at the same time, pump of the low pressure when high pressure carries an oil automatically for nothing, reduce electric machinery power to use up, have stop machine protect pressure, the function such as belt pressing inverting. Actuating pressure: 0-80MPa rated discharge: Power of 0.8L/min-20L/min electric machinery: 1.1-15KW over all dimension (long X wide X is tall) : (Can ask to produce one-time product by the client) DBD series is dynamoelectric the plant of hydraulic pressure power that pumping station is an independence that by mensurable art the combination such as a powerful person of pump of a place of strategic importance, control, gasoline tank, electric machinery, appearance becomes, this pumping station is had stop machine protect press function, odd oil path to take the property that answer oil. Name: Address of limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of family of heart city grand: Day of the city zone of heart of heart state city thoroughfares industrial garden phone: 2358998 mobile phones of 0534-2356793   : 15853438886 faxes of 13969239799   : 0534-2356793 postcode: 253100 network address: Www.dzlkjx.cn Email: Longkejixie8@126.com opens an account row: Red subbranch of a bank of east of Chinese commercial bank

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