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[Beg buy] magnetic force pump
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Product name: Beg buy type of norms of   of magnetic force pump:
Product ability is qualitative: Diaphragmatic material is qualitative:
The largest flow: The greatest pressure:
Passageway diameter: Electric machinery power:
Contain duty value: Amount:
Date of delivery: Release time:

Unit: The factory contacts Shenyang Zhongshan sumbersible pump phone: 024-86371693

Contact: Bai Jiayu faxes:
The product explains: Ask quality assures, apply at individual family, seawater, tap water, the heat of the earth's interior, the manufacturer of the product that welcomes cheap of qualitative actor price is seasonable contact Zhongshan sumbersible pump of the factory cypress manager, the welcome cooperates, if have sincerity, hope mail sends me price list, norms and detailed data and thing of seasonable and consultative collaboration ask SMS mobile phone

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