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Fair of trade of pump of 2009 China International reachs a seminar
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Fair of trade of pump of 2009 China International reachs a seminar

Time: 204-06 day ground nodded 9 years in March: Shrimp J rots altar? city: Shrimp

Sponsor an unit:
Association of Chinese chemical industry
Center of news of countrywide pump trade
Association of collaboration of technology of Chinese Europe economy
Science and technology of division Hua Yu develops limited company in
Barcelona international shows a group
Chinese science and technology can exhibit a center
" current mechanism " magazine company
Shanghai stands be proud exhibition limited company

China is lying at present industrialized metaphase, the domain such as pharmacy of construction of electric power, steely, petro-chemical, the sources of energy, city, environmental protection, water treatment, natural gas, food is in the phase of rapid development, this created huge market demand for industry of our country pump. At present industry of our country pump has 450 series, 5000 many breed. According to not complete count, china is annual the production value of pump product is in 50 billion yuan of above, year increase rate
10.5% . Inside a few years of in the past, the technology of industry of our country pump develops a tendency more and more with technology of world pump line of business development direction agrees, but overall technology level is inferior still.
Establish the fair of international pump trade that is proud exhibition limited company is held and seminar this by Shanghai, of the activity hold communicate to pump industry technology, promotion uses new technology new product, strengthen communicate with the industry between international, progress of industry of pump of stimulative our country is having positive effect.
Exhibit about international pump line of business
International pump line of business is exhibited will attract those who come from the domain such as all sorts of valve products of world each district and relevant technology to postpone business, china is the area with market the rapiddest growth, also be the market with prospective the biggest whole world.
The exporter with pump main product comes from the country such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, England.
International pump line of business is exhibited will exhibit the business of personnel of business and relevant fittings enterprise, professional technology, user, international trade, policymaker that purchases the territory such as business and professional personage to offer the good opportunity that gets together to join, the ground that is assemble of character of whole industry delegate, photograph of the person that international pump line of business exhibits the property that makes come from China and world each district gathers.
Predicting exhibition will draw the policymaker that comes from the country such as area of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, North America, Europe and professional public figure. The ginseng that comes from each country can exhibit business in this the applied client that has latent capacity extremely is interviewed face-to-face in the meeting group with the partner. Ginseng will exhibit business through international pump line of business, extend the market and propaganda paterial card further.
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