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Russia international pump pressure shrank 2006 machine valve exhibition
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Each concern an unit:

Classics country is in charge of sectional approval, my company plans to organize domestic relevant company to attend Russia international pump, compressor, valve was mixed 2005 fair of drive gear trade (forum) . Will exhibit meeting circumstance to introduce as follows now:

One, show time: On October 2, 2006 - 5 days (annual)

2, show a location: Russia Moscow

3, content of item on display:


Industrial pump: Use at the centrifugal pump of water supply, heat addition; Pump of well of pump up water; Sewage centrifugal pump and vortex pump; Ship uses pump; Discharge water pump, concrete pump; Chemical pump; Smash pump, agitate pump;

Food industry uses pump: Detached pump; Pulp centrifugal pump; Piston pump, circumgyrate pump; Helix pump, gear pump, peristaltic pump; Daily expense pump, pump kind equipment;

Compressor: Gas (natural gas) compressor and equipment tool, oil production and smelt use compressor and device, metallurgical industry is used reduce facility, aggregate material production and papermaking are industrial reduce facility, chemical fertilizer production is used reduce facility, mining industry is used reduce facility, refrigeration and air conditioning use compressor device; Compress a technology, pneumatic tool; Assist device, automation system and safeguard detect equipment, reach pneumatology to wait;


Industrial conduit valve: The sources of energy uses valve, microtherm valve, oil, natural gas uses valve, chemical industry uses valve, water supply and sewage disposal use valve, large project uses valve, metallurgy uses valve, maritime with valve, papermaking and oar kind production uses valve, the drive gear of valve, valve imprints autograph and gasket;
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