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Exposition of international of industry of machinery of environmental protection
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Extend meeting time: On September 7, 2006, 9 day

Hold a place: Chinese Jinan international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Government of Shandong province people

Undertake unit: Shandong saves government of people of city of environmental protection bureau, Jinan, Shandong to showing limited company with international

Exhibit meeting setting

November 2005, national hair changes appoint, the six ministries and commissions such as total bureau of national environmental protection allotted jointly " begin circular economy about the organization pilot (the first batch) working announcement " , the province city such as Beijing, Shandong is labelled the country circulates the first batch economy is pilot. Expand circular economy, construction resource is managing model society, environment is friendly model the society is " 915 " the major strategy task of the program.

Shandong province government was made 2003 " development loop economy, construction zoology is saved " the strategy is decision-making. "15 " during career of Shandong environmental protection threw 95.5 billion yuan of RMBs, "915 " during arrive namely 2010, shandong province completes investment 360 billion yuan, the zoology that is used at attaching most importance to a dot with economy of construction of environmental protection, zoology, loop saves construction. Did not come 10 years, shandong will maintain the throughout the country the position of market of demand of industry of the biggest green.

September 2004, government of Shandong province people held Shandong zoology successfully to visit fair of international of forum of construction high level and industry of the first green in Qingdao. Jade of king of total bureau of national environmental protection celebrates ministry of environment of deputy director general, Korea vice-governor of annals of Zhaoke of province of second official, Shandong attends Piao Xianshu, unit of 802 companies of 11 countries and area and home, scientific research, institution of higher learing attended first green rich to meet, exhibit amount to more than 990. According to economy of Shandong province countryman and society developed statistical announcement 2004, first green rich can reach cooperative agreement 1136, consultative forehead spends 17.1 billion yuan of RMBs.
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