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Exhibition of international of the 26th BATIMAT
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Exhibition of international of the 26th BATIMAT Conference time: 2007-11-5--2007-11-10Meeting site: Paris EXPOSponsor an unit: French encourage exhibits exhibition companyUndertake unit: Assist run an unit:   Conference content Limits of item on display:
Division of main body engineering
System of system of material of construction of heat-insulating material of component part of roof tuss, construction, housetop, waterproof, heat preservation, main body and compose fittings, water treatment, drainage

Door window reachs hardware area
Shade of system of open of closedown of window of door window, wooden door window, metallic door window, plastic door window, composite material door, door window, sunshade (bitter fleabane) reach its window of automatic open equipment, door is sealed goods of metal fittings of window of material, door, door lock, glasswork, Tie Yi

Adornment decorates an area
All sorts of lying between material of adornment of coating of floor of plank of material of stone of material of paragraph of material, adornment of ground of ambry, wall, ceramic tile, marble, granite, other, flag, woodiness, wood, paint, fireplace and flue, kitchen, illume, adornment, swimming-pool is decorated reach its furniture of equipment, open air

Build construction equipment division
Safety of machines and tools of lumber treatment facilities, metallic treatment facilities, plastic treatment facilities, construction, tool, building site and all sorts of special vehicle that defend place of equipment and things, construction site is used

Intelligence changes floor space region
Wired with wireless network and installation system, easy the management of measurable, safe, entrance guard, illume and multimedia function is mixed all sorts of housetop of control, intelligence, integrated system, elevator, vacuum central removes dust system, integrated installation and equipment management system

IT area
Run program of peripheral equipment of system, CAD, computer, Internet

Serve kind of area
Media of major and technical organization, commerce, of all kinds service enterprise

Exhibit an expense: Exhibit a cost: 196 euro / square metre
Decorate cost basically: 79 euro / square metre
Safe: 152 euro
Cost signing up: 315 euro
(afore-mentioned prices contain VAT tax)

2005 dimensions: Postpone business 2758 areas 225, audience of 361 square metre 442, 515 people

Extend trade source state: 1581 exhibit business to come from France, have additionally 49 countries are mixed beyond France of the area postpone business

Audience origin: Contractor 35.9%
Architect 21.5%
Retail, wholesale 18%
Manufacturer 10.8%
Construction company 9.8%
Other 4%

The audience pays close attention to product classification:
Thematic project 23.3%
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