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2006 China (Nanjing) valve of international conduit pump, the city runs net cons
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Introductive National People's Congress of 10 whole nations 4 times the conference already won conclude, construction of our country economy entered a brand-new historical period again. 2006 is " 915 " plan and new of a bureau that round of city builds year. The governmental working report of premier of Home Wen treasure from macroscopical on declare publicly goes out 2006 will be construction a year when industry grows at full speed. Jiangsu is located in area of long triangle economy, economy developeds. Also be the province with the biggest density of our country population at the same time, the city waits in having a density is relatively bigger, famous group. Investment of construction of municipal and public infrastructure breaks through city of total provincial capital 45 billion yuan. Only city building threw Nanjing to exceed 30 billion yuan 2005. "15 " during Nanjing has 125 billion yuan investment, urban area extends 477 square kilometer by 300 square kilometer. Enter " 915 " , the macroscopical program around the government will have large quantities of one new city building projects. Of a large number of population enter, large-scale urban construction will be pulled move municipal project, to corresponding building manufacturing business, development business, construction is mixed the industry brings up vast market space related distributors and other, also ask the equipment of these industries wants to promote a modern standard at the same time. Pipeline line of business is sunny industry of China, accelerate as what our country city changes a course and the development that municipal, environmental protection builds, greeted China the development height on conduit history. Forecast according to concerning, to 2010 the whole nation sets city town to achieve 1000, organizational system town achieves 25 thousand, countrywide town population is achieved 600 million, the city changes a level to achieve 45% the left and right sides. Industry of pipeline of this adumbrative our country grows a space tremendously. The tenet that conducts this large exhibition activity here is a service the city of Jiangsu, long triangle and even area of whole Hua Dong is built, show gain of industry latest technology, demonstrate industry future develops way. The communication that is both sides of supply and demand, communication, commerce, cast financing to build bridge, promote cooperate with all possible means win-win, common form builds harmonious and prosperous and strong new-style society. ◆ program is arranged Cloth exhibits: Kicked off to 11 days on October 10, 2006: On October 12, 2006 9: 00
Came 14 days on October 12, 2006Remove exhibit: On October 14, 2006 16: 00
◆ ginseng extends range VFacilities of of all kinds pipeline reachs material: Municipal give, catchment conduit; Oil (gas) , chemical conduit; Irrigation works conduit; Fire control conduit; Conduit of post and telecommunications, communication; Electric power, electrical engineering conduit, flowmeter, be in charge of net laid technology and construction machinery, machines and tools; Plumbing construction company.
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