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FLUID 2007
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] grasp development opportunity, development China market
Fluid machinery basically includes: Pump, valve, conduit, fan, compressor, filter with separate facility, vacuum equipment, decrease gearshift machine to wait. Its product and technology apply extensively at petro-chemical, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, oil and natural gas development to reach carry, the national economy such as city building, coal and mineral products development, irrigation works, light industrial, building materials, spin, medicine, agriculture, food, traffic, national defence each domain. It is the key industry of machinist job, having very main effect to the development of economy of our country countryman. "(exhibition of machinery of fluid of FLUID) China International " annual, fixed hold in Shanghai. The dimensions year after year of exhibition expands, quality year after year rises, become China to implement consequence, scale most the biggest, attend the fluid machinery with maximum number to exhibit one of.
"FLUID 2007 exhibition of machinery of fluid of the 7th China International " (the corresponding period holds: "Water of environmental protection of international of the 8th Shanghai is exhibited " ) will in April 2007 27-29 day is in center of exhibition of store of Shanghai world trade and Shanghai international to hold. Predict this exhibiting to will the 700 enterprises ginseng that comes from world each district is exhibited, exhibit an area to be able to be amounted to 22, 000 square metre, exhibit more than 900.
China joins Olympic Games of WTO, 2008 Beijing and rich of 2010 Shanghai world to be able to promote Chinese market the investment appeal in global economy huge! Grasp development opportunity, development China market, FLUID 2007 will be achieved in all with you brilliant!

] previous term or session exhibits can wonderful reviewing
"FLUID 2006 " already on April 28, 2006 - the center is exhibited 30 days to be held successfully in Shanghai international, 506 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, cover country 22 provinces city and abroad 13 countries and area, exhibition area amounts to 16000 square metre, professional audience amounts to 16755 people, the corresponding period held seminar of many 20 communication, the country such as Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, India all has look around bulkily purchase a group to attend a meeting look around purchase. Exhibit each data of the meeting to obtain apparent breakthrough than before two years, the tall growing sex of current exhibition again confirm its exhibit can medium advantage position in fluid industry. Such success is attributed to this exhibiting to be able to accumulate formation brand for years famous spend and consequence, depend on sponsorring just specialization systematic operation and the year after year that serve a concept rise, more global ginseng exhibits profit from to the enterprise is agreed with with what major buys the home and support.

] ginseng extend range
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