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Exhibition of pump of international of the 3rd 2006 Jiangsu, valve, conduit
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The seventeenth Nanjing negotiates via trade fall meeting Exposition   brand exhibits Nanjing of the 3rd China fall 2006Exhibition of pump of international of the 3rd Jiangsu, valve, conduit Extend meeting time: On September 19, 2006, 21 days Exhibit meeting site: Nanjing international exhibits a center Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves people government Government of Nanjing city people Support an unit: Jiangsu visits environmental protection office Bureau of Nanjing city environmental protection Jiangsu saves pump valve guild Jiangsu saves petrifaction guild Jiangsu provincial capital presses down water supply association Undertake unit: Nanjing phoenix shows limited company ■ introductive This year September, save people government and government of Nanjing city people to be sponsorred jointly by Jiangsu " the seventeenth Nanjing negotiates via trade fall meeting " , negotiate trade of capital attraction, classics, the brand exhibits meeting be in harmony to be an organic whole, "Jin Qia is met " exhibit an area 45000 ㎡, exhibit digit 2200, save municipal government leader, domestic and international travelling merchant, professional audience at the appointed time 120 thousand person gathers " Jin Qia is met " . In " Jin Qia is met " on this platform, ginseng is the product that exhibits an enterprise to be able to reveal oneself adequately to get acquainted with domestic and international client, thorough him conduct propaganda figure, extensively, all-around widen sale channel, can make you get rich and generous get one's own back! Jiangsu is coastal economy saves Chinese the eastpart part greatly, pump, valve, conduit is environmental protection, water treatment, building gives the national major project such as catchment, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, the sources of energy, irrigation works, mechanical industry the general machine of the project, have very big demand every year. In the near future Jiangsu province environmental protection, water treatment, building gives the project such as catchment, petrifaction, metallurgy, electric power and urban infrastructure investment will continue to maintain exuberant demand to current mechanism. Broad businessman with regarding its as Jiangsu market the biggest market. What produce business, agency to reveal pump, valve, conduit is new article, high-quality goods; To reveal the oneself of the enterprise inside course of study figure is mixed actual strength, widen the market; Communicate to make domestic and international person of the same trade learns each other together, strengthen cooperation, conspire industry development; To give both sides of supply and demand to offer one is gotten acquainted with each other, negotiate, trading place, save government of people government, Nanjing city people to sponsor by Jiangsu " exhibition of pump of international of the 3rd Jiangsu, valve, conduit " as " Nanjing of the seventeenth China negotiates via trade fall meeting " with " the 3rd China, hold at the center was being exhibited in Nanjing international in September 2006. Before congress invites sincerely global travelling merchant, will join exhibit, development market! Congress is cordial serve for you, build good business chance for you!
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