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2006 Heibei international gives valve of catchment, water treatment, pump exhibi
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Conference name: 2006 Heibei international gives catchment, water treatment, pump valve exhibitionThe conferenceDate: On August 25, 2006 - 27 dayPlace: Shijiazhuang international reads extensively centerSponsor an unit: Government office of civil administration of Shijiazhuang city personUndertake unit: Shijiazhuang city pays stimulative commission of China International trade meeting Shijiazhuang presses down outstanding exhibition to serve limited companyAssist run an unit: Shijiazhuang city builds bureau Shijiazhuang city program bureau
Shijiazhuang of bureau of Shijiazhuang city park bureau of city environmental protection
Shijiazhuang city business affairs bureauSetting introduction: Water is the source of life. "Let people drink the water that goes up clean " , " raise a person to reside water environment quality " ceaseless cry tells us, prevent floods by water control of the whole people has entered phase of assault fortified positions. The dweller uses water already by increase water to measure move to improve water quality. What reform as economic system is thorough, construction of infrastructure of our country city is developing quickly. Entering the history to go up the most brilliant period. At the same time establishment of urban and rural sewage disposal builds the content according to 915 programs, from 2006 to 2010 will 3000 much capital are cast build to sewage disposal establishment. On the analytic foundation to the problem existing in sewage processing at present, put forward 5 years the investment of sewage disposal establishment will depend on perfecting sewage form a complete set mainly henceforth tubal net, right " 95 " before the partial sewage plant of construction undertakes craft is transformed and rise, strengthen mud processing to deal with, increase sewage second birth to use establishment construction to wait for all directions face. According to the country 915 programs develop drive, to increase urban infrastructure construction, improvement ranks civil water environment. Government of Shijiazhuang city people was sponsorred " city of building materials of 2006 Heibei building builds exposition - Shijiazhuang international gives equipment of technology of catchment, water treatment to exhibit " aim builds development pace to accelerate Shijiazhuang city, improve townsman life quality. Ginseng extend range:

One, reach device to catchment technology: Metal and metalloid canal material, pipe fitting, conduit, connect, cistern and fittings, high-rise is automatic water supply equipment; Shower nozzle of scene of all sorts of water pump, valve, vibrating absorber, weather strip, water, swim equipment of sprinkling irrigation of water of pool equipment, water meter, section; The shock-proof, heat preservation that lie between shake, heat-insulating material, fan reachs control equipment; Detect equipment, hot the system of management of metric, plan expenses, system that copy a watch; Municipal reach device to catchment technology; The computer controls software of CAD and system, management system oneself
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