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Exhibition of new energy resources of 2006 Jiangsu international
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Time: In November 2006 16 ~ 18 dayPlace: Nanjing international exhibits a center (road of Nanjing dragon coil 88) Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu of stimulative commission of Jiangsu province development and trade of reform committee China International saves branchSupport an unit particularly: Government of Nanjing city people
Undertake unit: Jiangsu province development and department of energy of reform committee traffic Abroad development and program association Jiangsu save Jiangsu industry can renewable resources dimensions changes project office Jiangsu to save a country to believe new energy resources to develop trade of Jiangsu of limited company to close to international can exhibit limited companyAssist run an unit: Hong Kong can last association of summon for trial (HKSCA) JES MEDIA (Korea) net of Chinese new energy resources waitSupport media: Net of Chinese pump valve, Website of global exhibition website, solar energy of net of industry of Chinese environmental protection, China, " new energy resources " magazine, " can second birth the sources of energy " magazine, " energy project " magazine, " solar energy " the magazine[exhibition setting] As the rapid development of our country economy, energy problem already caused the bottleneck that makes progress of our country modern economy the height of social all circles to take seriously. Jiangsu is economic big province, also be energy consumption big province. "15 " period saves the sources of energy to consume stretch coefficient to achieve completely 1.1, if continue level of present specific power consumption, gross of demand of energy of complete 2010 province will increase to 220 million tons or so, power demand will increase left and right sides of 340 billion kilowatt hour, grow 70% about. What resource of the sources of energy, mineral products and environmental capacity will become Jiangsu future socioeconomy to develop is great restrict an element. Height of government of Jiangsu provincial Party committee, province takes the construction of the sources of energy of complete province seriously, in " 915 " in planning to suggest, make clear put forward to save total output value of average per capita to increased than 2000 2010 completely 2 times the left and right sides, and the sources of energy of unit total output value is used up should strive to compare " 15 " period end reduces 20% development goals of the left and right sides. Develop new-style the sources of energy energetically, expand circular economy, construction is managing model society, attach most importance to especially to Jiangsu should. Show the latest technology that recommends development of domestic and international energy and gain for comprehensive conduct propaganda, build the big platform that produce and sale of domestic and international energy, information communication, commerce cooperates, quicken pace of structural adjustment of the sources of energy, drive Jiangsu the industrialization process of new-style the sources of energy, the abidance of stimulative the sources of energy and economy, society and environment coordinates development, jiangsu province develops and Jiangsu of stimulative commission of reform committee, China International trade saves branch general on November 16, 2006, 18 days hold fair of new energy resources of 2006 Jiangsu international in Nanjing.
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