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Exhibition of equipment of machinery of chemical industry of international of 20
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To 13 days of Shanghai light congress exhibited a center on October 11, 2006 Invite sincerely ginseng extend case According to Chinese chemical industry equipment association is forecasted, as oil and chemical industry " 915 " during will grow quickly continuously, industry of machinery of Chinese chemical industry will greet new development period. Industry of machinery of Chinese chemical industry is the new change that gets used to the trade demand such as oil and chemical industry, what promoting to what pledge by the dilate of the quantity is new change of round of strategy.
Long-term since, machine of our country chemical industry is original innovation is insufficient, entire industry is in deficit brim, contemporary and large petro-chemical equipment is imported in great quantities is to cause one of main reasons with this trade low economic benefits. Chemical machinery industry welcomed produce and sale 2004 the hot prices of two flourishing, with one action turned round situation of entire trade deficit. Its are main reason: It is domestic and international market above all exuberant to oil and chemical equipment demand; It is technical progress promoted entire industry economic benefits next; 3 it is trade structural adjustment and company change make achieve progress.
According to 2004, market of machine of Chinese chemical industry studied year report shows 2005, look from demand structure, at present the demand latent capacity such as petro-chemical machinery, plastic machinery still very big. Can say, chemical machinery industry is in after having gone through hardship, economic benefits will maintain steady growth, hopeful ends the phase of long-term deficit, begin to transform to benign development. As the rapid development of economic globalization, china makes current world the biggest with the market that has appeal most, world each country in succession market of China of race to control. The important pillar industry that industry of chemical industry, pharmacy, food, education is economy of our country countryman, market of chemical industry, pharmacy, food, education will be more open, competition also is sure more intense, obverse side of company of equipment of chemical industry, pharmacy, food is facing unprecedented good luck and challenge, because this also brought larger development space,
After China joins WTO, economy of delta of the Yangtse River presents an unprecedented market demand and prosperous picture. Shanghai is economic center of China not only, what also become the whole world to provide economic energy most is metropolitan one of. Current exhibit meeting general to make full use of platform of commerce of economy of this Shanghai international, for company of equipment of domestic and international chemical industry, pharmacy, food perpetual development market offers optimal business chance.
This second exhibit can popularize business of chemical industry, pharmacy, food, education in order to publicize new technology, new technology, new facility, advance the structural adjustment of industry of chemical tradition pillar and technical reformation in the round, promote relevant industry and national economy to coordinate healthy progress quickly. Exhibit a series of technology communication, commerce will be held to negotiate during the meeting, information is released wait for an activity, provide accurate, economic referenced information for the enterprise, participate in competition of international, home market to offer an opportunity for company of equipment of our country chemical industry, pharmacy, food. This second exhibit meeting will make relevant trade each buy the home, manufacturer and supplier to gather inside the domain, what specialization highly is one-stop commercial platform.
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