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Germany Prominent Fluid Control β series solenoid metering pumps
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According to reports, the German Prominent Fluid Control Co., Ltd. (ProMinent) introduced β4, β5 new series of electromagnetic metering pumps metering pumps. Prominent β series solenoid metering pumps, with a significant booster vacuum pulse function in time to adjust to external signaling devices. Compared to previous metering pumps, β series of electromagnetic metering pumps operating and energy efficiency to 10% higher. β series solenoid metering pumps in operation can be adjusted automatically reset, chemical resistant plastic shell to protect its environment in the harsh working conditions are not infringed, the pump head be applied to almost all types of chemical media. Pump stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 10%, while the impact of the pump rate can be 100% from 10 to 10 different levels of change. Electromagnetic metering pump for 100-230 volts AC voltage. Prominent Fluid Control Co., Ltd., Germany Β series solenoid metering pumps can be widely used in modern water treatment industry and the chemical and feed industries.
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