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Pump (diaphragm metering pump) to operate and maintain
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Pump (diaphragm metering pump) operation and maintenance of: (A) By car: 1, hand-pressed compensation before driving stem, this time the one hand, oil-filled cavity to film the one hand, the gas discharge cavity membrane, until the bubble is no longer up to take up. 2, driving after inhalation of the pump plunger for movement (discharge tube without pressure) with pressure above the valve stem to open the compensation, the action several times to jump safety valve, safety valve at the air, until the air bubbles discharged so far. 3, at this time if the impact of noise or vibration, indicating too much oil should be discharged in the plunger stroke, the valve stem by hand soft reduction of compensation for short-term the discharge of oil, so that the excess discharge, until the vibration or shock sound to eliminate the pump running smoothly so far. (B) Parking: Cut off the power to stop pump operation. Close the import and export pipeline valves, spring drive, should pay attention to open. (C) Maintenance: 1, the oil change: Replace the oil in January, adding an appropriate amount of qualified 23 # or 30 # machine oil. Pumps in operation, the main part of the temperature requirements: motor allows maximum temperature 70 ℃; regulate oil temperature inside the base should not exceed 65 ℃; packing and temperature does not exceed 70 ℃. 2, the leakage: the pump in normal operation, the leakage shall not exceed 15 drops per minute, for 2), 3) In case of excessive, should contact the appropriate authorities, to eliminate hidden dangers.
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