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Gear metering pump in two-component on the use of a plastic machine
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Jinan Branch excellent flow precision Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional service provider of fluid, measurement of fluid transport has a strong technical force and rich experience. Company for the domestic application of the current two-component glue machine other types of pumps pumping the problems of raw materials, specially developed two-component glue machine for high-viscosity gear metering pumps (Figure I). Superior product design creativity Division from users and the use of on-site, excellent products from the Division's engineers to design products using operating conditions, thereby leading to high accuracy, high stability and convenience in operation. Excellent subjects for the high viscosity gear metering pumps, from the following aspects to illustrate the relative advantages of other types of pumps. A two component glue machine out of a plastic machine determines whether the stability of plastic insulating glass production quality, the following gear metering pumps and other types of work plans to analyze the pump. Gear metering pumps: metering pump Ruckus gear involute profile, the deflection correction, smooth uniform flow, no pulsation. For the regulation of traffic can only adjust the pump speed, pump flow was proportional to the speed, regulating simple. Other types of pumps: (in piston pump for example) is an an output flow, the flow fluctuations, and easy to create a plastic uneven. Two-component compound pump requirements and seals Gear metering pumps: simple structure, and a special clean-up slot, the pump itself clear to most impurities from the pump may be reversing, and further self-cleaning of impurities, the maximum extent of the pump to avoid the particles of impurities effects. Other types of pumps: piston pump has a check valve, check valve on the particles sensitive to impurities, long time vulnerable to pollution, cleanliness of the sealant material demanding. Piston in a sealed area and more use of PTFE material, long working hours, easy to wear gel permeation phenomenon occurred. Three-component structure of a plastic machine Other types of pumps: use of other types of pumps, when the A, B groups were uneven pressure when, in the surge process, hydraulic station will heat up. Gear metering pumps: The gear metering pumps, due to the unique design allows pulse-free flow of output, eliminating the need for hydraulic station and unnecessary valves and buffer components, so that the system simplified, cost reduction, performance improvement.
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