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Common Fault Analysis of metering pump
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1) abnormal fluid metering pump Rotated to 100% stroke length position. This set of components that rotate to the back leakage discharge hole and pump the bottom of the alignment. Adjustment in the hydraulic pump is running to the right side and the diaphragm position. Reaction time, the pulse duration may not be long enough. Compared to the standard pulse width of 80msec, traffic monitor pulse width extension can be activated to increase the pulse width to 300msec. Active smart switch, remove the covers of fixed circuit board, remove the jumper X-1. This extension is activated, the fault indication to allow more time before. Since the exhaust pump head metering pump installation, the use of self-suction filling type. To maintain the suction line as short as possible. 2) Removable diaphragm metering pump Remove the old diaphragm in, often trouble. Now how to remove the old diaphragm to provide some additional recommendations. 1. Loose in the pump head, after removing the pump head before the stroke length adjusted to 0% position. Magnetic axis can guarantee that there is sufficient pressure to maintain that it is secure, so that you can unscrew the diaphragm. 2. Pull the hydraulic end of the screw out from the jack. Seize the liquid-side counter-clockwise rotation. Some little resistance, you can unscrew the diaphragm. 3. Measurement of chemicals in the hydraulic end of crystallization may be, resulting in the ball and seat check valve does not work. 4. In the suction side of metering pump may be a gas leak. Hydraulic suction side of the connector end may lack the O-ring or suction a loose connection. 3) traffic monitoring of a high viscosity media measurement in the process of introduced fluid flow fault indication signal is received, how to do to solve this problem? 4 pump head screws through the release, the mobile hydraulic side. Rotate the stroke length to 0% and seize the fluid end, then slide out from the screw holes, then screw does not touch with them, but also dominated the back and diaphragm. Then rotate the parts and slightly resistance, divide down from the magnetic axis of loosening. If the diaphragm has not loosened, and the magnetic axis in the membrane contact surface with some oil. For a few minutes later, tapping with a plastic hammer diaphragm. And then again in accordance with the above description. 4) how to prevent the metering pump stroke positioning motor burned? 1. Remove the 4 pump head screws fixed. Screw the back position metering pump. 2. To see if the installation of the discharge tube and discharge valve is closed? Cited in the liquid phase metering pumps need to open the drain valve. Note: Not all of the metering pump has a discharge valve. 3. In diaphragm installed and put back leakage discharge hole vertical position, install the pump head. To ensure that the suction valve and the leakage discharge hole aligned with the corresponding fluid end of the screw holes align 4.
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