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Selection of parameters and metering pump to use
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First, the metering pump selection parameters: 1. By measuring liquid flow. 2. By measuring the main characteristics of the liquid, such as chemical resistance, viscosity and specific gravity. 3. The system back pressure. 4. The right of the suction lift. 5. Need other options, such as analog control, pulse volume control, flow monitoring and timer. Second, the electromagnetic drive metering pump What are the main advantages? Electromagnetic metering pump drive is only one moving part - the armature. Generally, the more moving parts work as little more reliable metering pumps. Metering pumps are suitable for low flow, low pressure in the workplace, and in the power supply voltage fluctuations When good compensation. With fixed frequency, changing the length of the metering pump stroke compared to a fixed stroke length, change the frequency of the metering pumps What are the advantages? Through the correction, each stroke of the dosage is known. Therefore, the total dosage can pass Been calculated (dosage = dosage * per stroke frequency). The total dosage and frequency of a linear relationship (frequency = 50% 50% dosage). Through an external pulse or analog control, the dosage can be in a second From the minimum to maximum within. Other than the stroke length of the motor-driven adjustment of costs to be much lower. Third, how to use the metering pump performance curve? 1. To find the choice of metering pumps with the corresponding performance curve. 2. In the following charts indicate the current back pressure. 3. Determine the correction factor, take the bar back pressure value for the unit, extended upward curve to the left at the intersection of the vertical correction factor values read. 4. With the need for adding value divided by the correction values obtained in ml / min. Or L / h as the unit of value. 5. The dosage calculated on the middle of the scale. 6. When this value is placed on the dosage scale, you can use a ruler to find the stroke length and stroke frequency setting to set.
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