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The working principle of the plunger metering pumps
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Plunger metering pump works: Plunger by plunger metering pumps directly to the reciprocating motion of the working medium (yellow) suction and discharge. Contact with the plunger and the seal is the case of the media, select the appropriate material and seal the form of the plunger pump in operation can be guaranteed Process has the ideal performance. Plunger metering pumps including pumps and valves two valveless pump. Piston metering pumps because of its simple structure and high temperature high pressure, etc. and is widely used in petroleum chemical industry. Materials are stainless steel plunger Steel, oxide ceramic, oxide ceramic has the corrosion resistance and hardness, high wear characteristics. For high viscosity media in high-pressure conditions less than ordinary piston pump, a valveless piston metering pumps are rotating more and more attention, is widely used in syrups, chocolate and high-viscosity oil additives media Measurement added. Was measured by medium and pump lubricant can not achieve complete separation between the structural weaknesses, piston metering pumps in high fluid metering applications in pollution prevention requirements are subject to many restrictions. Plunger metering pumps used for To the pressure or pressure vessel and piping within the precision of quantitative delivery of solid particles in the liquid. Different types of plunger metering pumps can be assembled in accordance with the requirements of inverter motor (to receive 4-20mA current signal) or explosion-proof motor. Column Plug pump head structure is simple, economic, high accuracy, you need to select and maintain a good seal. Cross between the plunger and the seal between the two automatically, ensure that wear. SJ1-S-type plunger metering pump parameter characteristics: single head and maximum flow rate: 50,000 l / h; the maximum discharge pressure: 50MPa; steady state accuracy ± 1%; medium viscosity :0-800mm2 / s; transmission medium temperature up to 450 ℃ above . For more information on metering pumps and price of products introduced. Of other instruments for the solenoid valve, spectrophotometer.
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