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Make innovation of core competition ability be project machine mechanism
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Xu is versed in the group is industry of machinery of our country project " the old " , but going up century 90 time, the problem such as disorder of numerous and jumbled of system become rigid, business, management makes Xu is versed in for a time group get into trouble. Wang Min realises president deeply, xu Gong wants to continue to develop, must straighten a relation, take part in a battle with light packs. From 2000 since, pass advocate complementary depart, they undertook with management substance to subordinate medium and small businesses a series of property right systems are reformed, the reform that accomplished 56 medium and small businesses changes make, involve capital fund nearly 2 billion yuan, nearly 9000 people, cancelled many 100 small company. Business of this one core gets project machine and special car apparent aggrandizement and promotion.

A series of system innovates and recombine and buy, make Xu is versed in the group formed the structure with a variety of concomitant system of ownership, have heavy-duty machine already such state-owned company, also have ability of Xu engineering course such appearing on the market company, still have and the card spy those with famous industry of world project machinery is strapped, interest is Bohaier, beautiful gallop the joint ventures that waits for internationalization big company to build. Current, the home market of 9 old lead plane such as Xu labour automobile crane, roller, land leveler is had rate the first; Market of product of 3 big component owns project machine oil cylinder, drive axle, slewing ring rate also rank the first place. First what integral dimensions of Xu Gong occupies industry of Chinese project machinery, occupy the 1/10 above of industry of whole project machinery.

With Xu Gong, zhejiang Hangzhou forked group relies on bring the dying back to life of system mechanism innovation.

"1996 my transfer the Hangzhou fork factory director at that time, somebody is fatidical after 3 years two Hangzhou fork will from disappear inside course of study. In those days Hangzhou fork 2000 much employee, annual produce and sale is not worth 2000, the edge that already reached to go bankrupt. If not was to undertake enterprise interior changes in time,make, won't have second of present domestic forklift industry Hangzhou fork group. " Dai Donghui of president of Inc. of Hangzhou fork group, general manager says.

"Alleged interior changes making is will former Hangzhou forklift plant this one state-owned company, whole changes make hold a meeting to accuse for the worker, operator holds big, the Inc. of machine of Hangzhou forklift project of state-owned capital share. " Introduction Dai Donghui, change through this kind make, built a risk to carry a mechanism in all, held a worker to become the host of the enterprise truly. Debug Shen Lianhua of the worker that distinguish a works to say to the reporter: "Change after making, I bought 10 thousand, although not much, but the one part that feels the enterprise also has him, working since for the enterprise, also be for oneself, duty factor accumulates slue so. "
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