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Company of estate of pump of southern special type makes a brand pursuit is perf
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Choose those who be worth reliance " southern " pump kind product, it is line of business of pump of Hangzhou south special type all the time the target that limited company is dedicated to making. For this, person of southern pump industry is all the time in ceaseless effort and innovation.

Line of business of pump of Hangzhou south special type limited company thinks: "The company founds ten years to come, devote oneself to the ceaseless innovation of science and technology and management from beginning to end. Current, the enterprise had been on the dimensions of benign loop to change management way, had a professional design and technical development team. We are making a brand all the time, ceaseless pursuit is perfect. "

As we have learned, line of business of pump of Hangzhou south special type limited company is market scientific research, production, sale make manufacturer at the major of centrifugal pump of stainless steel multistage of an organic whole. Produce per year stainless steel pump kind product 200 thousand, rank first of course of study of domestic person of the same trade. The product involves water supply of industrial and mining enterprises, city, farm to irrigate, the industry such as circulatory system of water treatment of water supply of building of petro-chemical, high level, fire control, industry and clean water, pharmacy, boiler, air conditioning.

Southern pump line of business ranks first of course of study of domestic person of the same trade on crop not only, be already complete more on dominant product function achieve international advanced level. Among them, special pump was in CHLK series air conditioning to passed CE attestation 2002. The product was obtained 2006 " product of Zhejiang province famous brand " and " the country avoids check product " title, of the same age is maintained to be by ministry of national science and technology " national level key is new and high technical company " . Advanced ERP management software was used in enterprise interior, utmost ground realized company natural resources optimize combination and allocate.

Tooling is advanced " good actual strength " , also brought for southern pump line of business another special honour. The company was maintained to be Zhejiang to save patent demonstrative company not only 2006, still be included national form by national Department of Commerce technology of product of new and high technology transforms plan and research development plan newlier, got trade of the national Department of Commerce, classics that visit town appoint affirmative.

Current, southern pump line of business had established good commercial reputation in the market, progressively trend " globalization " , got of domestic and international user consistent reputably. Built network of extensive sale, service in the whole nation not only, and already mixed Korea, France, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, middle east, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Philippine the client that waits for country and area established long-term business dealings, 40% what foreign trade exit already took total sales volume.
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