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Central line wears mark of yellow project II-B to already finished P2.3 pump to
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The course wears the iron in mark of yellow project II-B 7 bureaus of water and electricity of 16 bureaus group personnel of combine project technology is successive tight construction of 6 days, pump of P2.3 of Sui hole driving (platoon dredge pump) the installation that shifts to an earlier date one day to finish establishment of pump housing, form a complete set and circuit at comparing original plan on June 13 and join, 14 days begin to be opposite overall undertake debugging, inside recently driving of recoverable aegis compose.

This equipment installation is debugged in belonging to, square technology personnel paddles his own canoe finish.

The aegis compose machine that is used at wearing driving of yellow Sui hole is machine of compose of turbid balance aegis, common ground says, will mix namely the compound slop that has made carries cabin of excavate of aegis compose machine, the earthy system that carries the slop that go in and cutting to come down undertakes mixing closing, use a dredge pump to smoke through conduit next send the ground. Before, already installed pump of a P2.1 on car of stage of the form a complete set after aegis compose machine, discharge of mud of design standard platoon is 1200 stere / horary. As Sui hole driving ceaseless and outspread, at present length of Sui hole driving already achieved 660 meters, as a result of the ceaseless lengthen of cop, original P2.1 pump is discharging the force in slimy process to be in ceaselessly damply, short of standard discharges slimy discharge, cause a canal very easily to stop a phenomenon, installation P2.3 pump is so actual the relay pump that is P2.1 pump. When reaching 2000 meters to 1500 meters when Sui hole driving, install P2.2 pump additionally even.

P2.3 pump installs 550 meters of part that export in Sui hole current, equipment of a complete set of changes by ark of electric machinery of pump housing, 500KV, control, 10KV the composition of a few parts such as 400V transformer and ark of switch of 10KV high pressure, belong to larger facility to install debugged construction working procedure.

Before equipment is installed, personnel of construction unit technology undertakes those who identify true research and program optimize to installing blueprint, than choosing; In installing a process, overcame in the difficulty that Sui hole has hoisting of heavy, large facility inside limited space, in the meantime, because equipment is relied on,shape canal piece, not right canal piece cause an effect, reasonable used Sui hole space, be carried without what affect Sui hole and traffic capacity, reached overall arrangement reasonable, program, parameter is correct, the requirement of structural safety.

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