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First cryopump of banner world adopts the technique smoothly check and accept
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Project of cryopump of machine of refrigeration of high vacuum of cabin of experiment of the space suit outside the cabin that to spaceflight 5 courtyards general assembly and environmental engineering department assume development undertook institute of project of medicine of spaceflight of near future of dispatch of network of Chinese spaceflight news check and accept, expert and leader listened to what technical personnel summarizes a report about the development of cryopump and passed pair of cryopump consistently to check and accept seriously, checked and accept a group to affirm technical group adequately the achievement of battle of this assault fortified positions, the cryopump function index that develops to this place gave height the opinion.

As a result of equipment of spacecraft environment imitate need cleanness is not had oily, right a variety of gas need to have to oxygen especially very big smoke fast high vacuum pump, large requirements cryopump is optimal choice, choose entrance pump at first, but because the country such as the United States, Japan is right,this kind of equipment undertook embargo, this takes the way of own research and development with respect to the requirement.

After receiving the job, technical personnel is passed above all absorb, summary, quite, innovation, academic test and verify, completed evaluation and design work, the development that completes test system smoothly then and the iteration of all sorts of test methods compare test of test and verify; Undertook pump housing installation, adjustment and cryopump performance data check next, the result shows each respect performance is good. Through cabin of experiment of the space suit outside 507 cabin the adjustment of old system works, cryopump movement is normal. The result shows, 4 " divine boat " the function index of card cryopump satisfies design requirement entirely, function index achieves a developed country to be the same as the same standard of caliber pump.

The development of cryopump, broke the country such as the United States, Japan to smoke fast vacuum to acquire technical block greatly to our country, the performance of cryopump of large requirements high accuracy that gives discharge method and union of conductance law photograph in domestic development first tests equipment, still made function of cryopump of domestic large requirements check a method. The new design that uses first, increased cryopump greatly smoke fast.

This development task is onerous, 5 courtyards general assembly and environmental engineering department overcame spaceflight all sorts of difficulty, in the ministry unit of leader, each brother falls in coordination, completed the development of 4 cryopump on schedule. During development, development staff lives for a long time in the spot, ensure the task is finished. The be of one mind that develops personnel tries hard, make the project got consummation.

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