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Li Shide is own 10 grab export research and development Chile
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On April 21, 2008, the implementation of 22 tons of grab that own research and development of Shandong Li Shide company designs exports Chile 10. These 10 type is SC220.7, it is a month exports the company 50 times recently the 2nd batch of the task, 10 grab use standard type configuration entirely, kang Mingsi engine, the bucket capacity of 1 stere, had lade lead tall, specifications advanced, motive force is powerful, the characteristic such as on the safe side, this is company product afterwards South-American market is entered again after exporting Cuba, the mark wears what the product got South-American client to approbate with the welcome, develop the confidence of foreign market sturdily also.

Company of force person heart holds water 5 years to come, develop and safeguard what increase foreign market, push company internationalization strategy, the product sells as far as to Europe, America, Africa, on the west inferior, the international market such as the Oceania. The company is controlled in market development, after service, risk waited for a respect to accumulate experience, the demand of different country, different area, different client develops production foundation of the design of the product, production the job. The development open up that company product exit is Li Shide vast space.

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