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Lengthen life petrifaction effectively to lubricate with machine pump new techno
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Course of 16 machine pump carries out device of catalysis of 9 rivers petrifaction oily mist is lubricant after the technology, lube quantity was reduced 70, 80, make machine pump achieves optimal and lubricant result not only, bearing service life is lengthened for previously 3, 6 times, and the labor intensity that reduced operation staff.

Lubricant technology changed oily mist traditional lubricant form, it adopts expert system, inside oily mist generator, make lube gets pulverization, send a dot to undertake lubricating to machine pump bearing next. This technology can maintain continuously clean lubricant supply, reduced lube amount greatly. Former pump of a machine is lubricant a quarter adds oil, need about 6 pails of lube capacities, every half an year adds oil now, need about 1 pail of lube capacities. Divide this, this technology does not need bearing box cooling water, still but section water 80 above.

This factory will be in entire plant limits inland add popularizes this new technology. Catalytic workshop is used to make sure lubricant system casts oily mist correctly and had safeguarded, had used, everybody of requirement station staff should be familiar with an operation, hold control parameter. The near future, they use deputy class time, undertake grooming technically to every class, lecture comes before asking staff of manufacturer project technology, undertake actually explaining in plant site union.

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