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The technology is backward equipment of valve of our country pump is most person
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Be enslaved to be enslaved to of most and crucial component person

Product of the pump in group of nuclear electric machinery, a powerful person belongs to crucial component, nearly 1/4 what hold installation cost. Because home still cannot be made completely independently at present, so foreign company scored many forestall gain. The reporter understands, mountain bay 2 period nuclear power plant purchases entrance valve to amount to 70 million dollar only, home purchases a quantity to be not worth 4% .

Nuclear telegram construction imports the circumstance of foreign crucial component to return product of valve of far more than pump in great quantities. Change according to national hair appoint vice director Zhang Guobao disclosed a few days ago, he once was when the nuclear phone company that visits home, the proposal uses homebred control system, but say for go, "Everybody dare use home. "

In be interviewed of not long ago, cai Weici of vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference introduced component of key of domain of equipment of other and great technology and material be enslaved to be enslaved to to the reporter the person's circumstance.

"We generate electricity year of crop of equipment had exceeded 100 million kilowatt, but generate electricity actually equipment inside the tubal material of uses high temperature resistant, maximum pressure, import volume or pretty are big. Although our generate electricity equipment crop by the past annual 1000 much tile are jumped litre for present 100 million much tile, but look carefully, exceed the ability of critical, high grade canal that exceeds the high temperature resistant, high pressure that exceeds critical unit, plank, want an import. "

"Home has done rolling mill now. But although be domestic assembly, the component of a lot of electric equipment inside, perhaps control a system, be an entrance however. "

"Extrahigh voltage, special high pressure is defeated change electric equipment, domestic company also has positive result, but the manipulator compose inside, the user still is not special to domestic product be at ease, the production that asks we operate an orgnaization so must cooperate with abroad, flat perhaps use abroad. "

"Transformer is done, but resemble special high-pressured transformer the bushing inside, the user also is not at ease. Although some equipment make an enterprise claim,oneself can be done, but user always cannot pitching credit bill. "

"The functional component of machine tool industry and numerical control system develop lag, had become the bottleneck that industry of numerical control machine tool grows. Restrict the component of function of key of form a complete set of level of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and numerical control system especially, progress is more slow. " the current situation that Cai Weici gave a reporter to list 5 domains continuously.

Zhang Guobao's word also confirm Cai Weici's view: "Some products, although realized home to make, but lack designs engineering capability independently, did not master core technology. To mass equipment product, although home came true basically already to be changed independently, but the photograph of as advanced as abroad level such as index of dependability, specific power consumption is compared, still put in difference. "
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