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Tsinghua just plans to make together " hot pump aircrew " national level
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On January 23, the GB/T that You Qinghua just is in charge of drafting together " commerce or industrial reach source of air of temperature of similar utility low environment to heat up pump (cold water) aircrew " conference of the job that draft is in first time to be held with firm of honest person link, . More than 10 experts such as Shi Min of committee member of committee of countrywide refrigerant standardization, Peng Baiyan, Zhang Mingsheng, Shi Wenxing attended this meeting.

With honest person annulus Fan Xin general manager is drafting express on the meeting: Of national level drafting is a glorious and divine job, be honoured very much as the main unit that draft with honest person annulus, must have done the work, make contribution for the country.

Be opposite as national government of industry of energy-saving environmental protection take seriously, make the phasic be of great urgency that takes heating of hot pump acting coal in our country northern region, and air source hot pump has the characteristic that does not accept conditional restriction, make the most practical solution. The country lacks corresponding standard to guide air source to heat up the development of pump at present, of national level make imperative. Adopt a standard make, will guide and advance the progress of industry technology and industry, contractible country of as advanced as the world level (Japan) difference while, accord with the circumstance of Chinese market, conduct the development of hot pump industry.

Tsinghua just heats up the ceaseless research of pump respect and development together through more than 10 years, gathered a lot of experience and data, prop up strongly to finished a standard to offer. Of this standard make consider from angle of northern region heating, give priority to in order to make heat, refrigeration of give attention to two or morethings; Link northern region ambient conditions and indoor system demand, affirmatory operating mode and function assess index; Function index considers from energy efficiency angle, reflect unit energy-saving value, also reflected Tsinghua to be the same as the lead position that just heats up pump domain in air source and consequence.

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