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Pump sends concrete construction interstitial to temperature effective control
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Summary: The problem that break of the temperature in basically elaborating pump to send concrete construction exists keeps abreast of a case study, advance control and the significant step that avoid temperature break, raise concrete to irrigate build mass.

Keyword: Pump sends concrete temperature interstitial case study control measure

1. preface

As the ceaseless development that builds a technology, pump sends concrete construction technology to get gain ground and applied. Pump sends concrete to be able to improve the construction performance of concrete not only, texture of close to Bao Bi muscle is little brace up pound or depressed pound construction, have raise impermeability, improvement wear characteristic. In the meantime, pump sends concrete aggregate the limitation of grading, a large number of use of gel material, produce much to hydrate heat, cause temperature break to exist generally, structural impermeability and wear are affected on certain level, ought to cause enough attention. For this, produce mechanism to reach what how control break effectively to appear with respect to temperature break now with development, talk about the understanding of a few shallow.

2. Temperature break produces mechanism and feature

Concrete is irrigated after building, in sclerotic process, cement to hydrate produces many to hydrate to heat up. Because the volume of concrete is larger, much to hydrate heat accumulates in concrete interior and send out not easily, bring about internal temperature to rise quickly, and concrete surface comes loose heat is faster, make concrete structure inside and outside appears bigger difference in temperature, these difference in temperature cause interior and exterior heat to bilge cold the level that shrink is different, make concrete surface arises to pull stress certainly. When pulling stress to exceed the tensile strength limit of concrete, concrete surface can produce break, this kind of break happens in the later period in concrete construction more. Change when difference in temperature in the construction of concrete bigger, or concrete gets the assault of cold wave, can bring about concrete surface temperature to drop quickly, and generation is contractive, the concrete with contractive surface accepts the obligation of in-house concrete, will arise very big pull stress and produce break, this kind of break is in only normally concrete surface arises inside lower limits.

The trend of temperature break does not have definite pattern normally, large area structure is interstitial constant freely crisscross; Liang Ban kind the structure with length older dimension, interstitial much parallel at short edge; Development and perfoliate temperature break are general as parallel as short frontier way or adjacent parallel, break appears along long side section, among closer. Crack width size is differ, suffer temperature metabolic effect is relatively apparent, winter is wider, the summer is narrower. High temperature expands the concrete temperature break that cause is normally among thick two end are fine, and cold shrink change of interstitial degree of finish is not quite apparent. What this kind of interstitial occurrence meeting causes reinforcing steel bar is rustily, the carbonization of concrete, the be in harmony fighting aspic that reduces concrete, fight exhaustion and impervious ability to wait.
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