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Shallow the characteristic classification that talks centrifugal pump and whole
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Pump is applied extensively on tap water production line, breed norms is various. Classify a method to it also each are not identical, by its working principle can divide it is 3 kinds big: Blade type water pump, cubage type water pump, other type water pump. What in me the much in factory production uses is only course double centrifugal pump suction type, one kind be blade pump, because the job of this kind of pump is to rely on the lamina when impeller high speed rotates to dial,move a liquid to rotate, make the liquid obtains what leave mental efforts and finish water pump to be defeated by water process so this kind of pump calls centrifugal pump.

The application of centrifugal pump is very extensive, in the countryman a lot of branches of economy should use it. A kind of indispensable equipment is almost in water supply system, if regard self-invited conduit net as the hemal system of person, so centrifugal pump presses the heart that sends blood namely. Because centrifugal pump is a kind of important equipment, and its movement should consume much power! For reasonable, choose and use water pump of economy, in order to assure water works water supply, must mix to the working principle of centrifugal pump the respect such as basic function understands somewhat.

One, the basic construction of centrifugal pump is comprised by six parts

The basic construction of centrifugal pump is what comprise by six parts is impeller respectively, pump housing, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, filling cases.

1, the core part that impeller is centrifugal pump, muscularity of tower above of its rotate speed, the lamina on impeller has main effect again, impeller should be passed before assemble static balancing experiment. The requirement of surface of inside and outside on impeller is smooth, in order to reduce the attrition loss of current.

2, pump housing also weighs pump case, it is the main body of water pump. Rise to support fixed action, join with the bracket photograph that installs bearing.

3, the action of pump shaft is to lend shaft coupling and electromotor photograph join, electromotor turn be apart from pass impeller, so it is the main part that delivers mechanical energy.

4, bearing is a component part that supports pump shaft on pump shaft, have scroll bearing and sliding bearing two kinds. Oil of scroll bearing use ox cheers the bulk that should be 2/3 ~ 3/4 commonly appropriately as lubricant too much meeting is calorific, have sound too less again and give out heat! Transparent oil makes lubricant what sliding bearing uses, cheer oil level line. Too much oily pump shaft wanting an edge is oozy and bleach cheap, too little bearing wants overheat to burn out again cause an accident! The temperature that runs the bearing in the process in water pump is highest move in 60 degrees or so commonly in 85 degrees, if be about high to search an account (whether to have foreign matter, oleaginous nigrescent, whether to drink water) seasonable processing!
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