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Target of total 2010 production value is Chinese valve city 30 billion
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Recently, industry of valve of area of bay of lukewarm city dragon puts forward to accelerate the development target that builds Chinese valve wall: Go to 30 billion yuan to realized total production value of valve manufacturing industry 2010, year increase by degrees rate 40% , exit is achieved collect 1 billion dollar.

Go up century 60 time end, the first valve of Wen Zhou is in at that time always in the town is born, those who pulled open development of industry of valve of dragon bay area is prelusive. In last few years, valve industry scale of production expands quickly, new and high industry rises ceaselessly. In July 2006, area of bay of lukewarm city dragon is awarded formally by association of industry of Chinese current machinery " Chinese valve city " title.

Up to now, business of dragon bay valve (include to process an unit) already had many 1400, main concentration is in always in street, sanded town, always promote street with the seaside street. Annual produce enterprise of dimensions of valve of 5 million yuan of above many 250, among them annual produce of 200 million yuan of above have 7. Current, valve produces an unit to already opened many 1800 valve to sell agency in the whole nation, and sell as far as to southeast Asia, America, middle east, Western Europe nearly 80 countries and area, industry of dragon bay valve realized total production value last year many yuan 100, trade statistic takes home market 25% above, foreign trade exports an enterprise to exceed 80, production value exceeds 180 million dollar.

In recent years, the guiding that Long Wan increases pair of valve trades ceaselessly and give aid to strength, from the technology innovation, patent is carried out, technical reformation and company of new and high technology are maintained, the talent is introduced etc give award. Pass the adjustment of industrial structure conformity and product structure actively still, enhance the competition ability of valve industry, form the collect get on well with other that production manages.

Accelerating Chinese valve city to produce base to build is the first job in be being placed in industry of dragon bay valve, at present this district government already started first phase construction of workshop of 500 mus of standards will alleviate ground of family expenses of partial valve plant is difficult. And, industry of dragon bay valve had decided implementation produces the strategic goal that the city zone is versed in to machinery estate strong division transforms by current mechanism.

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