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Low cost report this big accurate company develops miniature membrane pump
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This big nicety (StarMicronics) the pump of diaphragmatic type miniature that development went to use the cell that suppress report a few days ago " SDMP301 " . Because do not use pump, motor and runner shaft, power consumption is accordingly low. This product can pass change driving voltage and drive frequency, move section discharge and discharge pressure. The largest flow is 1.5mL/ minute, the greatest pump pressure is 55kPa. ;

SDMP301 is equivalent to was being released in October 2004 " SDMP205 " follow-up type, used with what released in August 2005 " SDMP305 " identical internal composition. Be in through making design with mechanical means of pump interior diaphragmatic happening oscillatory, form cubage change, transport liquid and gas.

This product over all dimension is 25 × 25 × 4.8mm, weight makes an appointment with 4g, basically like SDMP305. The utility of the tentative idea is the small-sized fuel cell that deploys to notebook computer and PDA supply fuel to wait.

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