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New project exports 07 too heavy economic norms greatly innovation is tall
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Reporter a few days ago from Taiyuan heavy machinery (group) production limited company learns, too heavy 2007 each economic norms achieves the history again new tall: Annual finishs gross value of industrial output 8.23 billion yuan, grow 27% compared to the same period; Achieve sales revenue 7 billion yuan, grow 26% compared to the same period; Implementation profit tax 720 million yuan, grow 50% compared to the same period; Accumulative total orders goods achieve 13.5 billion yuan, grow 39% compared to the same period. Too heavy 2008 group will strive to realize gross value of industrial output 9 billion yuan, sales revenue 8.5 billion yuan, profit tax 800 million yuan target.

Dominant product realizes exit entirely

As we have learned, strategy of internationalization of too heavy 2007 group obtains significant progress, annual exit orders goods the breakthrough closes 1 billion yuan greatly, finished by the representative exit gives priority to the change that gives priority to to self-supporting exit, realized stand-alone to export what export to whole set to span, dominant product moves toward an international market entirely.

In own innovation direction, too heavy group adds patent newly 22, developed nuclear report to use annular crane, 55 stere large ore deposit uses Jiao Lu of 5.5 meters of grab, tamp, 80MN to forging quickly a batch of gross new products such as hydraulic press, new product proportion occupies the 50% above of sales revenue.

Technical reformation respect, group annual finishs floor area 220 thousand square metre, add equipment newly 115 (set) . Too in weighing, small crane makes base complete, the research and development of oily film bearing with the greatest whole world produces base completion, production base of whole set of machine of too heavy coal, Taiyuan is versed in again (prices) the ability such as building of science and technology changes a project to be advanced in order. The group was declared successfully " TZ " the card is celebrated brand, after machine of TZ card decelerate makes bearing of oily film of this group afterwards, crane the 3rd " product of Chinese famous brand " .

This year on January 9, the Taiyuan below division of too heavy group is versed in again (600169) release outstanding achievement to add announcement to say beforehand, predicting company 2007 1, net in December gain is compared go up growth of year of the corresponding period 200% above. The company returns protocol Xiang Zengfa 60 million to 100 million stock, collect does not exceed 3 billion yuan, use at facing harbor project of construction of base of heavy equipment development and great technology equipment are large casting forging is homebred turn project of development technical reformation.

Project of the water press that start

2008, too heavy group will advance construction of large base big project actively, start 10 thousand tons of water press and project of the base that face harbor. Have dominant product to suit to large change, heavy-duty the requirement that changes outspread development, hold the industry such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding exuberant to demand of large casting forging market opportunity, decision of too heavy group starts large casting forging formally homebred change development ability to correct project program and construction, the plan always invests 1.5 billion yuan, on the foundation that digs existing equipment productivity adequately, add 125MN water press and the large and crucial equipment that match to it newly, the project predicts to built entirely 2010, will increase too heavy hot-working capacity greatly at the appointed time, area of northwest of fill China north the blank of 10 thousand tons of water press, for as soon as possible the commanding elevation of production standard of heavy equipment of occupational China and even world creates a condition.
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